Chatbot / Digital Assistant

ChatBots are one of the newest inventions of today. They are being included in more and more internet projects.

Chatbots are useful in making the workflow more convenient and saving the time of everyone involved. The robot is able to perform such functions as: creating a project with a description and appointing the according people to it, send/read e-mail and other messages, conduct money transfers, make personal memos, provide information on clients or projects, or produce the income statistics of whichever year specified.

By optimising the data and connecting the virtual intelligence, you will find and receive answers faster than by searching for them on your own.

The robot is also capable of analysing data, comparing it with several older sets of data, and producing an analytical explanation on what caused the changes, and even giving you its opinion on whether the results are good, or have you strayed off your course a bit.

Virtual intelligence can be controlled both by voice and messages.

You can always try our Digital Assistant ( Devi ) on the right bottom side. You can ask her about our services, ask her about clients feedback, about us, ask about the difference between website and web application, even about herself.

Possibilities of Digital Assistant:

  • Connect with all social media API's ( posting, information changing, control messenger etc.. )
  • Control your back-end management platforms
  • Connect your bank API's
  • Connect any API's ( sales platforms, stock platforms etc.. )
  • Control your emails
  • Booking platform ( book a dinner, trip, hotels, buying things etc.. )
  • Controlling smarthome tools
  • Connecting to your car
  • Analyse and sort out your companies/own database.
  • We can connect virtual assistant to website OR/AND facebook page messenger
  • more
  • and more...

You can try our Digital Assistant with these commands:

  • 'Tell me the latest news'
  • 'contact me please'
  • 'send me info about web improvements'
  • 'I need a website'
  • 'What services you are providing'
  • 'Tell me about yourself'
  • 'tell me clients feedback'

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