Social Media Assistant (SMAI)

Companies rarely find the time to bother themselves with social networks, and usually don’t find it at all. Finding the right person who understands the importance of social networks, their algorithms, functionality and principles of publicizing, may take more time than you’d expect.

We created a software in which you specify the website pages you want to publicize (for example, the news section), and next to every piece of new information you can see when it will be publicized, at what time, and on which day.

Publicizing new information typically happens across all social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram); if you don’t want that, you can unselect the unwanted options easily.

In the settings menu, you’ll find tips which will help you to understand the performance and principles.

During your meetings, where you’ll be making new connections, in just four hours the computer program will have publicized three articles on every social network. Software will advice the best time and day for posting articles.

That way, you will have spent your time efficiently, avoiding unnecessary costs, while staying “alive” on social networks at the same time.

Why I need it?

  • SMAI knows when is the best time to post articles
  • You will not worry about keeping social media up to date, SMAI will do it for you
  • SMAI software will tell you best tips/tricks of engaging social media traffic
  • You will have weekly/monthly report of how SMAI improving your social media

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